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NEW COMMENT: January 2014

by George Allison's Granddaughter:


"Please understand that it is not that we dispute or

do not accept the DNA announcement...

We simply feel that anything this controversial should allow a second and separate analysis from a group that was NOT so heavily biased and with such a history of being very openly hostile.

We asked that Sally Kierklie test against Adell Ferguson, Loraine Kramer's daughter and we were swiftly denied that opportunity. And are left to wonder WHY, if they are so confident of their findings?

All agree that it is in David Allison's best interest to suppress our information about his grandfathers actions which come from NOT Debrina Woods nor myself or others on our side of this controversy...but from the Allison family themselves back in the day and other real time documentation we have in support.

We have also recently been made aware that we have much reason to be suspect of any involvement by Deanne Jennings as both her children have signed statements of support with our position. They both state that all their lives their mother was in support of her grandmother's story. She even gave her daughter the middle name Allison. So the sudden irrational change of heart is baffling to all involved.

All involved feel it was very premature for the Loraine Allison Project to have so publicly sensationalized this matter and hope that the Allison's and The Loraine Allison Project are prepared to PROVE their allegations of FRAUD as was exclaimed "around the world" so publicly as it was extremely disturbing for her grandchildren and great grandchildren and that our extensive documentation shows as a much different picture of the actual events.

We are sensitive to the fact that many of William Percival Allison's relations may simply be unaware of their grandfather's participation in the events that are soon to be disclosed. As many of us have little knowledge of our grandparents and great grandparents lives, but we have repeatedly tried to meet privately and sensitively with them to reveal what has been uncovered, since the first week of discovery of the historical trove as the letters posted at the (LAP website) under HARASSMENT, show and were always denied that opportunity.

Speaking for myself, there was much that is very regrettable about my own grandfather and grandmothers involvement in this matter but I was tired of all the lies and decades of deception and while the evidence soon to to be published, indeed compromises my ancestor's reputations.

I felt that the TRUTH of this matter deserved to be told after over

100 years of cover up and denial.

I regret the confusion the Loraine Allison Project will cause for many but I trust in Debrina Woods dedication to carry on and publish, that all might be allowed a much less biased presentation of fact. Again, I am David Allison's Cousin as his grandfather's brother (George B. Allison's) granddaughter."

Carol Tonyan.

NOTE: I attempted to post the above at the Loraine Allison Project last week (01/2014) but as it took many months for the comments below to be posted there, I am not holding my breath.

This statement was also supplied to all the reporters and the Megyn Kelly production team and yet no reference was ever made to me and my involvement or our position.

I made this statement below last Fall and posted at the

Loraine Allison Project immediately which they only saw fit to posted there last week (Jan 2014).

Carol Tonyan:

"I would like it understood by all and I am requesting formally today, that the opposition web site immediately be changed to state and properly reflect that:

David Allison IS ABSOLUTELY NOT representing

ALL DIRECT Allison descendants!

I for one I am his direct counterpart as George and Lillian Allison's granddaughter and, I am in FULL SUPPORT and all should accept that I am co-partnered with Debrina Woods and am the supplier of much extremely supportive original documentation and personal recollections that fully substantiate this claim.

Thus, Debrina Woods is not in this ALONE on this quest! Other DIRECT principle descendant relation counterparts are also in full support and who have contributed much additional original supportive documentation as well.

Moreover, it should be noted as it will be disclosed when published, that David Allison is the descendant of one of the most sinister and compromised men in this saga William Percival and we fully intend to disclose all of his misdeeds and attempts to control and suppress this matter, much as there are those who are trying to COVER UP and suppress it now"

NOTE: "Unfortunately there has also been much uncovered that is NOT particularly flattering to my grandfather's involvement as well, but I am tired of all the lies, over 100 years of lies and and want to have the truth prevail no matter how long it took to reveal it." 

 Carol Tonyan