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RE: Allison Adele (Gould) Dantzler

March 2013 Update:

I wish to also welcome Allison Adele (Gould) Dantzler on this Journey with us...

She is the only daughter of Patricia Julie Kramer Gould, my mothers sister and Helen Loraine Kramer's granddaughter.

She visited us here in February (2013) and she was able to see for herself, for the first time, all the documentation I have compiled...and was floored. Allison too, is now as committed as I am in this quest!

She is pictured here above with her dog Lola, with the Arthur Flynn document binder in her lap taken 2/4/2013

A statement from Allison Dantzler - FEBRUARY 2013:

To all concerned as regards this engaging mystery: 

My Name is Allison Adele (Gould) Dantzler and I am another granddaughter of Helen Loraine Kramer who was raised up with this story.

FYI: I am her daughter's (Patricia Julie Kramer-Gould) only child/daughter.

While Debrina and I had not seen each other for quite awhile, I took the opportunity to visit her and my Aunt "Dolly" (Adele) this past weekend (2/3/2013).

I admit that I have not been closely monitoring this saga the past few years, as I have, as have many others in this past four years of a struggling economy, been simply focused on the basics of our lives, for me and my daughter Breanna.     

However, I sat with Debrina and my Aunt on Sunday and read through all the binders and compiled documentation she has and having done so, want to state publicly, that I stand shoulder to shoulder with her in support in this and for all her continued efforts to uncover the truths whatever they maybe, regarding this story once and for all.

I have also reviewed the historical postings submitted here and in other related forums and am appalled at the gross inaccuracies of information purported to be "well researched" ...

and again I state here, that in comparison with the REAL (and heretofore unavailable ANYWHERE) information/documentation that Debrina possesses, they will absolutely be shown for the feeble attempts to discourage her, they are.

I can also state here that the WHOLE of Grama Kramer's children/family/many friends and  husbands, stood steadfast to their dying days, in their love and support of her and understood WHY she elected to just walk away (from the controversy NOT the Claim) and to simply get on with her and their lives. She was a remarkable woman and true inspiration to me and influence on my, my mothers and all her children's lives!!

A Sad Announcement:

September 5th 2013

I have VERY SAD and unexpected NEWS to report:

Our dear cousin Allison Danztler passed away suddenly.

Please keep us all in your hearts and prayers.