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RE: Debrina Woods

I am the granddaughter of Helen Loraine Kramer who was told in the fall of 1940, that she was actually Helen Loraine Allison and who was listed as the only first class child to be a victim of the Titanic disaster.

Helen Loraine Allison was the Daughter of Hudson J. & Bess Allison, first class passengers on the maiden voyage of the Titanic and who were thought to all have perished with the sinking.


NEW INFORMATION is Discovered! (April 15th, 2012)

I have recently discovered a suitcase that my Grandmother

had stored away for over 70 years.

It is full of the photos, articles, the Attorney's (Mr. Arthur Flynn) investigation reports and crucial letters from the time (Fall 1940) from the family and many others, in support of her claim.

Her daughter Adele, (83) my mother is still with me and we are seeking

to tell and share this tale in it's truth and it's entirety

once and for all.

NOTE: The suitcase that my grandmother had stored a way for

over 70 years, was only opened the Sunday after the

100th anniversary of Titanic disaster!!!


And I was simply astounded by

all the information I discovered there...

In the weeks following:

  • I read every document. (twice)
  • Organized all the information chronologically
  • and by the individual correspondent.
  • I then cataloged all into 16 binders which I have had copied, to protect the originals.
  • The originals are all now stored in a legal depository utilized by my legal team

and, we are looking forward to bringing as much (missing)

information as possible to light as regards this

TRUE story of what is certainly...

"The Titanic's LAST MYSTERY".


I will be completing both the historical non-fiction accounting and

will follow with the screenplay sometime shortly thereafter.

NOTE: We are interested in reviewing any feature film or documentary

interest that may exist.

Please visit my "Contact Us" page

to make any inquiries